AutoStore is proud to introduce the revolutionary R5 Pro robot, which redefines e-commerce warehousing with its top-of-the-line performance.

AutoStore’s latest innovation, the R5 Pro robot, represents a significant advance in warehouse automation. Designed specifically to meet the needs of large e-commerce companies, this advanced robotic solution offers optimized space utilization, outstanding performance and significant cost savings for companies operating comprehensive multi-level logistics.

As a pioneer in robotics technology, AutoStore proudly presents its latest milestone: the R5 Pro robot. With this innovative solution, the company has made a great leap forward in warehouse automation. Designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of large e-commerce companies, the R5 Pro boasts optimized space utilization, outstanding performance and significant cost savings for large-scale, multi-step logistics processes.

The R5 Pro is poised to change the world of logistics automation for good by offering a host of benefits to meet the challenges of modern e-commerce warehousing.

Increase productivity

An outstanding feature of the R5 Pro robot is its ability to significantly increase productivity. In large AutoStore installations, the R5 Pro enables a reduction of up to 15% in the number of robots required in the same grid compared to its predecessor, the R5 robot. This reduction not only leads to improved line routing and system efficiency, but also to higher productivity with longer operating times.

Continuous operation

The R5 Pro robot is equipped with a lithium titanium oxide (LTO) battery with fast charging capability. This technology ensures higher availability of the individual robots in multi-shift operation – a decisive advantage in the fast-moving world of e-commerce.

Space and cost optimization

By using the LTO battery, companies can reduce the number of chargers by up to 86%, resulting in more efficient use of warehouse space. This means that additional SKUs can be stored or the required floor space can be reduced. In addition, customers benefit from significant cost savings on electrical infrastructure, making the R5 Pro robot a cost-effective choice for large-scale logistics operations.

Carlos Fernandez, Senior Product Manager at AutoStore, explains:

“The R5 Pro offers a clear advantage by increasing productivity per robot during long hours of operation, optimizing space utilization and lowering total cost of ownership This ultimately improves the customer experience and increases profitability”

Erik Strømme, Product Manager at AutoStore – Meet AutoStore R5 Pro and R5+ Pro

“This state-of-the-art robotics solution is ideal for e-commerce companies with large, multi-tiered operations. It improves the market position and value proposition for companies managing large systems with long uptime and a high number of robots.”

The introduction of the R5 Pro robot represents a milestone in e-commerce logistics and promises to play a key role in shaping the future of warehouse automation in the coming years. AutoStore’s ongoing commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions is driving the industry forward and revolutionizing the way large companies optimize efficiency and profitability.

For companies looking to become leaders in the highly competitive e-commerce market, the R5 Pro robot is key to increasing productivity, realizing cost savings and creating a better future for their logistics processes.


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