Warehousing logistics
via individual storage solutions

Save time, space & costs using state-of-the-art warehousing systems

AM Logistic Solutions offers versatile storage solutions, such as the storage of small to large load carriers. Depending on customer requirements, our systems can be designed statically or dynamically.


The automated small parts storage system

Storage and retrieval machines

AKL (trays, containers, boxes) or pallet racks

Shuttle Systems

AKL (trays, containers, boxes) or pallet racks

Our extensive warehousing strategies enable quick throughput paired with utmost profitability

Depending on the respective client’s requirements, our systems can be designed to work either statically or dynamically. These differ as follows: with a static, ordered warehouse, every item is assigned its own, unchanging location. Temporarily empty locations are not assigned to other items. In a dynamic or chaotic warehouse, existing storage locations are automatically re-assigned to ensure that practically no empty spaces remain. The space utilization ratio is far higher. Depending on the company purpose and existing space we will recommend one of these options, or a mixture of both. We will do all planning related to preparing functional specifications in close collaboration with your decision-making units.