Conveyor technology
for optimal material flow

Conveyor technology for new and existing warehouses

We design conveyor technology for the sorting, accumulation and buffering of load carriers, and for storage and retrieval in warehouse systems. Through modular design and intelligent controls, we connect the conveyor technology to almost all ERP systems.

Conveyor technology

for pallets, boxes and containers

Smart Conveyor Technology

Driverless transport systems for pallets, cartons, containers

Mobile robots

move your goods autonomously through the warehouse

Advanced conveyor technology and driverless transport systems for maximum throughput and efficiency

AM Logistic Solutions designs, plans and implements conveyor technology for optimum material flow in intralogistics within your company. We specialise in connecting even incompatible systems with each other through intelligent conveyor technology. This allows goods to be reliably stored, retrieved, transported and further processed. We can also realise special constructions, such as integrated weighing systems for your quality management. We also fully automate existing conveyor technology, e.g. for pallets, plastic bins and cardboard boxes. When planning the transport conveyor technology and driverless transport systems, our focus is not only on efficiency but also on ergonomics and the design of the workstations as well as the maintenance accessibility of the logistics system.