Conveyor technology
for optimized materials flow

Conveyor technology systems for new and existing warehouses

We develop and design materials handling systems for sorting, storing, buffering loading equipment, for transferal. We will integrate materials handling technology into practically all ERP systems.

Conveyor technology

for pallets, boxes and containers

Automated Guided Vehicles

for pallets, boxes, containers

Mobile robots

move goods autonomously through the warehouse

Modern conveyor technology for maximum throughput and maximum economy

AM Logistic Solutions develops concepts, plans, and implements materials handling systems for optimized materials flow with your company’s warehousing. We specialize on connecting even mutually incompatible systems to each other by using smart materials handling technology. In this manner, goods can be reliably transferred to and retrieved from stock, transported, and processed. We are also skilled in creating specialized structures such as integrated weighing systems for your quality management. Furthermore, we fully automatize existing materials handling systems e.g. for pallets, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes. When planning conveyance systems and automated guided vehicle systems, we concentrate not merely on efficiency, but always consider ergonomics, workplace design, and easy access for maintenance within the logistics facility.