Control Technology
for warehousing & material handling systems

Switchboard construction and intelligent warehousing software solutions

AM Logistic Solutions designs, develops, and produces cutting-edge control systems for existing and new warehousing and material handling systems. We also retrofit existing systems to help achieve a state-of-the-art technical standard.

Switchboard construction

We develop and manufacture control cabinets in-house

Software solutions

Warehouse management systems, material flow control, PLC

Digitize and automate your warehousing with AM Logistic Solutions

With a view to Industry 4.0 we offer individual software solutions for intelligent warehousing and materials handling systems to ensure you’ll know exactly what is happening in your distribution center and production at any given time. We also digitize existing facilities. With AM Logistic Solutions visualization, our clients are always up to date. Clients profit from the modular structure of facility visualization and the internal networking between individual warehousing system parts, all based upon our long years of experience in this field. Using a VPN entry point we can directly access our client’s logistics facility. This saves costly on-site visits and ensures we are able to provide direct solutions to issues at any time. Our facility components are sourced from brand manufacturers only.