Automatic goods handling
by robots

Maximize your throughput with robotic solutions

Our handling systems aim at efficiency and growth, to provide added value to our clients. Our huge handling variety knows next to no limits. Whether it’s about a complex palletizing process with smart camera system solutions or depalletizing – we offer the most efficient solution.

Pick Robot

Mastery of difficult tasks: the AM articulated arm robot

Portal Robot

maximum efficiency and speed

Automatic goods handling & robot systems

All handling or movement of goods within the warehouse presents huge challenges to companies. They need to ensure the ordered goods are picked in the correct amount and at the right time, and are then packaged according to specifications. Outer packaging must be performed according to specifications as well. Modern picking and palletizing robots by AM Logistic Solutions will support you in all steps and significantly increase efficiency: from automated picking and materials handling to automated consolidation and palletizing. Manual handling stations may be suitably supported by robots as well.