Geek+ Shelf-to-Person

The flexible solution for your warehouse

The “Shelf-to-Person” series from Geek+ automates critical processes relating to picking, storage, stock checking and returns processing through the use of autonomous robots.

More performance, lower costs – AMRs automate labor-intensive and error-prone processes

Shelf-to-person picking increases efficiency and quality by using autonomous mobile robots to bring shelves and pallets directly to the relevant work stations. The intelligent software controls the AMRs and optimizes the orders with the help of AI. The robots automatically and autonomously control picking processes in dynamic waves. The system also creates heat maps and recommends optimized hall and stock layouts. Other functions such as inventory management and intelligent invoicing support you in warehouse management.

Long distances are eliminated and employees are relieved both physically and mentally. In addition, the susceptibility of processes to errors is reduced and efficiency is gradually increased.